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Campus Review
March 26, 2012
Orientation Team Takes Part in SROW
Clayton State University Relations
Social Media is Climbing the Charts
by Ciji Fox, University Relations
Clayton State University’s social media
outlets are climbing the charts, mainly
through the Laker News Room’s
“Follow Us” section, which is linked
off the Clayton State home page
(, and has links to
the Office of University Relations’
maintained Facebook, Twitter, You
Tube, FourSquare and Flickr accounts.
Currently the ClaytonSTNews channel
on YouTube has a total of 36 videos
with 5,568 views. Included on the
YouTube channel are videos filmed
and edited by Clayton State alumnus
(class of 2007) and videographer
Christian Bowen. Most recently
Bowen filmed the Clayton State
University’s 2012 Homecoming. All of
the official Clayton State You Tube videos
There are also several Laker Zone videos
that feature the Clayton State University
Athletics Department. The Laker Zone
videos were filmed and produced by
Clayton State University students Brian
Roberts (Dunwoody and Quincy, Ill.) and
Communication and Media Studies majors.
The videos also appear on Clayton State
University Facebook fan page which cur-
rently has 3,721 “likes” and on the
Clayton State News twitter page which
has 410 followers and 2,873 tweets.
On FourSquare, Clayton State
University has 421 “check-ins” with
Clayton State University’s Laker
Orientation Team recently traveled to
Charlotte, N.C., to attend the Southern
Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW),
where they participated in several work-
shops and conference initiatives.
More than 2,000 people from 82 institu-
tions across the southeast region gathered
at the University of North Carolina to
learn about other orientation programs,
student leadership, civility, teamwork,
diversity, family transition and showcase
school spirit. Laker Orientation Leaders
(LOL) prepared for months to represent
Clayton State University at SROW.
Returning Laker Orientation Leaders
Rasheen Hunter and Joshua Davis com-
peted in a case study where they were
asked to discuss different level of
responses for potential orientation emer-
gency situations. Hunter, along with fel-
low LOLs Ta-Mia McGruder and
Samantha Lapier, also presented an edu-
cation session called, “Pass the
Intersection of Diversity, Cross the Finish
Line of Community,” where they dis-
cussed how to move past diversity explo-
ration to forming a community.
The LOLs also competed in a banner, t-
shirt, spirit, service, and performance
competition. The Laker Orientation Team
proudly represented their institution and
built connections with other orientation
Health Educators maximize their effec-
tiveness to help recognize and change
risky or troublesome behavior that they
may encounter, as well as to maximize
their experience as peer health educators,”
says Alicia Myrick, coordinator of the
Student Conduct Division of Clayton
State’s Department of Student Affairs.
“Many of the skills learned during the
training and exam will help them both on
Clayton State University’s campus and
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