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Campus Review
March 26, 2012
Honor Society for First-Year
Students Comes to Clayton State
Clayton State University is now one of 14
chapters in the State of Georgia to hold a
chapter of National
Alpha Lambda Delta
Honor Society for
first-year students.
Dr. Glenda Earwood,
executive director of
Lambda Delta, will
install the Clayton
State chapter on
Tuesday, Apr. 10, at 7 p.m., in the ball-
room of the Clayton State Student
Activities Center. At this time, the first
class of 44 students will be initiated into
the honor society as charter members and
the organization’s first officers will be
installed. Clayton State President Dr.
Thomas J. Hynes and other academic offi-
cials will be installed as honorary mem-
bers as well.
Founded in the spring of 1924 at the
University of Illinois by Dean Maria
Leonard, Alpha Lambda Delta is a nation-
al honor society that recognizes and
encourages academic excellence among
first year students. Today, Alpha Lambda
Delta has more than 270 chapters
throughout the United States and more
than 850,000 students have been initiated
into membership since the first chapter
was started over 85 years ago.
Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is
open to full-time freshman students who
earn a scholastic average of 3.5 or better
at a four-year college or university.
Clayton State’s first inductees are listed
below (in alphabetical order):
Omar Abdalla
Stockbridge, GA
Jonathan Bake Anderson McDonough, GA
Joyce Andoh McDonough, GA
Kaylene OliviaArthur Jonesboro, GA
Shakeyla Blackwell Savannah, GA
Todd M. Burke Jr. Morrow, GA
Jacob Caldwell McDonough, GA
Toren James Carr Peachtree City, GA
Alexandra Sylvie Destin Rex, GA
Terrence Ramone Dixon Ellenwood, GA
Jameka Patrice Dixon Claxton, GA
Lacey Dunn Fayetteville, GA
Alicia Michelle Flowers East Point, GA
Itzamar Garcia Griffin, GA
Amelia Logan Harkleroad Newnan, GA
Damoli Harris Southfield, MI
Rachel Hohenstein-Higgins Jackson, GA
Yasmeen Khan Stockbridge, GA
Frankie Kirk Ellenwood, GA
Tracye Elaine Lamar Ellenwood, GA
Jessica Lovett Peachtree City, GA
Nitou Makidi Decatur, GA
Parvin Malcolm Forest Park, GA
Ebony Desiree Miller Macon, GA
Arielle Miller Decatur, GA
Ashley Nicole Moore Conyers, GA
Jessica Morris Peachtree City, GA
Olivia Irene Murphy Peachtree City, GA
Gregory John O'Brien Fayetteville, GA
Priyani J. Patel Jonesboro, GA
Emanuel Armstrong Peters College Park, GA
Jose Alberto Polanco Fairburn, GA
Sundee Proctor Stockbridge, GA
Alex John Quisenberry, Jr. McDonough, GA
Kayla Rebekah Rice McDonough, GA
Sade Roberts Riverdale, GA
Allison Lindsay Rutherford Jonesboro, GA
Kensey Maggie Seidel Fayetteville, GA
Maggie Shiffert Newnan, GA
Tamara Marie Spikes Hampton, GA
Kendra Sharnelle Stewart Morrow, GA
Mary Tran Riverdale, GA
Julia Yurievna Zorko Fayetteville, GA
Alpha Lambda Delta emphasizes that
educated persons have a responsibility to
“have tolerance in your dealings with all
persons, generosity in giving to those in
need, and insight into the feelings of oth-
ers,” says Earwood. Members are chal-
lenged to make a “meaningful contribu-
tion to society.”
For more information about Clayton
State’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta
Honor Society for First Year Students,
visit the chapter’s website at www.clay- or contact
the chapter’s advisor, Marcia Bouyea-
Hamlet at (678) 466-4081, or marcia-
Peer Health Educators Pass Training Course
by Ciji Fox, University Relations
Several of Clayton State University’s
Peer Health Educators recently
passed the Nationally Certified Peer
Educator Exam. Akil Abdur-Raheem
(Atlanta), Antoine Lanier Clark
(McDonough), Ashley Howard
(Cleveland), Timothy Jones (West
Palm Beach, Fla.), Alethea Rives
(Bronx, N.Y.) and Tacita Williams
(Jackson, N.J.) each completed a 12-
hour training course on-campus
The course was offered by the
Boosting Alcohol Consciousness
Concerning the Health of University
Students network (BACCHUS), which
focused on “empowering students with
the training to educate, confront, listen to,
and help their peers make healthy lifestyle
choices.” The coursework covered areas
such as listening and intervention skills,
referral as well as strategies to help change
high-risk behavior.
The Clayton State University BACCHUS
Peer Health Educators have provided
alcohol education programming for the
campus community both on and off cam-
pus. Some of the programs include the
PEERS DUI Simulator held in
October to celebrate alcohol aware-
ness month and a Seatbelt Check pro-
gram held in May as part of the
Governor’s Office of Highway Safety
(GOHS) “Click it or Ticket!” pro-
gram. Another effort involved having
students at Mt. Zion High School sign
pledges not to drink on prom night.
“I believe that this training and certi-
fication will help empower our Peer
Course, cont’d., p. 5